Code of Conduct

Some tips on how you should behave while using kdate.

1. Nudity
KDate is not a nudity or naked dating site. Any account posting naked pictures will be deactivated immediately.

2. Your Username
KDate encourages using one of your names. This makes it easier for other members to send you personalized messages. Usernames that portray profanity and offensive statements are discouraged and may end up being deactivated without warning. Registering with multiple accounts is also strictly prohibited.

3. Profile photos
Use your real photos. The picture must show yourself and it must be clear who you are. The use of nude or pornographic images, and images of a physical or sexual violence, are strictly prohibited. The use of racist or intentionally offensive pictures is also prohibited, as are logos and advertising.

4. Personal Description
Give a realistic impression of yourself. The content of your profile and messages should not create a deceitful or unrealistic image of who you are. Honesty really is the best policy, especially when it comes to online dating. Profiles which contain false information about a users identity will be removed without warning.

5. Messaging other members
During the course of your search for a partner you will undoubtedly send a personal message or two. The style of writing you use to communicate with them is crucial and also reveals a lot about who you are. Think about the impression your words leave. Being aware of the following points will help you get more positive responses from other members:

6. Personal Information
Do not share your personal information too quickly. Many users have a tendency to share intimate personal details in order to develop a relationship further. Before doing so it is always worth your while to stop and ask yourself whether you would be so open and candid if you were sitting across from this person at a restaurant or in a bar.

7. Privacy
All messages within the site should be treated as confidential. You may not disclose any details of other users without their express, written permission. Sharing private information on other users with third parties such as blogs, videos, or interviews is strictly forbidden.

8. Sex
There is no polite way to put this, but please note that soliciting sex is strictly prohibited. KDate is a dating website. There are many alternatives available on the internet if you are looking for services of this nature. Requests for sex via webcam, phone, or chat also fall under this prohibited category.

9. Objectionable content
Violent, racist, politically extremist, sexist, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable content that injures, offends, harms, or threatens other individuals or groups is not allowed.

10. Reporting abusive users.
Send us details of the user to We will act accordingly.

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